Hence creation of a new thread switching the cpu

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Unformatted text preview: ining its instructions and data, and one or more thread sharing the same address space. Hence creation of a new thread, switching the CPU between threads, and sharing of resources between threads of the same process can be done more efficiently than between processes resulting in faster execution of the process and better overall system performance. A distributed operating system is an operating system for a set of computers networked together whose goal is to make the multiple computers of the system appear as a single large virtual system to its users instead of a collection of distinct machines. Finally, in the area of programming languages, some of the concepts that gained popularity during the fifth generation are JAVA programming language, and parallel programming libraries like MPI (Message Passing Interface) and PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine). JAVA is a new programming language that is primarily used on the World Wide Web. It supports dynamic data types and dynamic protocols based on a concept called Java-based applets. This feature of Java allows web pages to have dynamic information and more interactivity with the users of web information. The MPI and PVM libraries have basically been introduced to standardize message passing parallel programs so that parallel programs developed for one message passing parallel computer can be easily ported and executed on other message passing parallel computers. The characteristic features of fifth-generation computers are as follows: 1. Portable PCs (called notebook computers) are much more smaller and handy than the PCs of the fourth generation allowing users to use computing facility even while travelling. 2. The desktop PCs and workstations are several times more powerful than the PCs of the fourth generation. 3. The supercomputers are several times more powerful than the mainframe systems and supercomputers of the fourth generation. 4. Although the supercomputers require proper airconditioning of the rooms/areas in which they are located, no aidcondit...
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