However just like drum printers chainband printers

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Unformatted text preview: which all the characters of the character se supported by the printer are embossed. A standard character set may have 48, 64 or 96 characters. In order t< enhance the printing speed, the characters in the character set are embossed several times on the chain/band. For example, the chain/band of a 64 character set printer may have 4 sets of 64 characters each embossed on it. In this case, the chaia/band will have altogether 256 (64x4) characters embossed on it. In addition to the chain/band, the printer has a set of hammers mounted in front of the chain/band in such a manner that an inked ribbon and paper can be placed between the hammers and the chain/band. The total number of hammers is equal to the total number of print positions. So if there are 132 print positions, then the printer will have 132 hammers. The chain/band rotates at a high speed and a character at a print position is printed by activating the appropriate hammer when the character embossed on the chain/band passes below it. Since the character set is repeated several times on the chain/band, it is not necessary to wait for the chain/band to make a complete revolution to position the desired character in the correct print position. Unlike the drum of a drum printer, the chain/band of a chain/band printer can be easily changed. This allows the use of different fonts (styles of characters) and different scripts (languages) to be used with the same printer. However, just like drum printers, chain/band printers can only print pre-defined sets of characters that are embossed on the chain/band used with the printer. Due to this reason, chain/band printers do not have the ability to print any shape of characters, different sizes of print, and graphics such as charts and graphs. Chain/band printers are impact printers because they print by hammering the paper and the inked ribbon against the characters embossed on the chain/band. Hence they can be used to produce multiple copies by using carbon paper or its equiva...
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