However multimedia technology has now also made them

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Unformatted text preview: over, it helps in making a presentation more interesting and has the inevitable effect of grabbing and holding a person's attention. Foreign Language Learning Using a book for learning a foreign language is difficult because one is not sure how to pronounce the words written in text form. The book can have an accompanying audio tape to solve this problem, but it is inconvenient for the learner to keep rewinding the tape to find specific information. Moreover, the learner also does not have the flexibility to quickly hear the pronunciation for a specific word. Using a multimedia program incorporating both text and sound, the learner can see words and phrases on the screen as they are pronounced by the computer program. The learner also has the flexibility to request the computer to pronounce any word displayed on the screen by simply selecting that word (say by clicking over it). Additional features may be incorporated in the multimedia program to assist in faster learning process. For example, if the learner does not understand the meaning of a word or phrase, he/she may point to it to quickly display a translation for it in his/her native language. Natural Learning Environment Multimedia course materials provide a natural learning environment because they allow different students to learn and proceed at their own pace of learning. For example, beginners may like to spend more time on a subject matter to understand the basic concepts, while advanced learners may like to skip rudimentary information and directly go to more advanced concepts. Hypertext and hypermedia technologies may be used in multimedia course materials to provide this flexibility to the students. With this facility, since the students are not forced to read through the subject matter in a rigid format, they find the learning environment more interesting and motivating to learn faster. Networked multimedia can be used to simulate a virtual classroom in which students can come for learning at their own convenient t...
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