However there is no well defined boundary for

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Unformatted text preview: having multiple CPUs. As shown in the figure, the host and other computes are located in the systems room to which entry is restricted to system administrators and maintenance staff. 2. Console(s). One or more console terminals are also located in the systems room. These terminals are directly connected to the host processor and are mainly used by the system administrators to monitor the health of the system or to perform some system administration activities, such as changing the configuration of the system, installing new software on the system, taking system backup, etc. 3. Storage devices. For large volume data storage, a mainframe system has several magnetic d drives, which are directly connected to the back-end computer. All data to and from these magnetic disks are accessed by the host computer via the back-end computer. The magnetic disk drives are also located in the systems room. In addition, a mainframe system also has a few tape drives and a magnetic tape library for restoration or backup of data from or to magnetic tapes. The tape library is located in the systems room and is used by the system administrators to take regular backups of the data from magnetic disks on to magnetic tapes. The tape drives are located in the users room so that users who bring their input data on tape or want to take their output data on tape can have access to the tape drives. 4. User terminals. The primary means of accessing the system by the users is the user terminals, which are used by the users to write, test, and execute their programs. In the figure, although all the user terminals are shown to be located in the user room, some of them may be located at geographically distributed locations. Moreover, a user terminal need not always be a dumb terminal, which has no CPU or storage of its own and acts just as an I/O device to the mainframe system. Often a PC is used as a user terminal in which case the program development activity is carried on the user terminal and the mainframe system is used only to test and execute the program. Since mainframe systems allow multiple...
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