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Unformatted text preview: search engine. Gopher: A text-based Internet search tool that provides hierarchical collection of information of all sorts across the Internet. Graceful degradation: The ability of a system to continue providing service proportional to the level of non-failed hardware when one or more of its hardware components fail. Graphical User Interface (GUI): An interface for computer users that provides icons (pictures) and menus (list of choices) which users can select with a mouse for telling the computer what they want it to do for them. Graphics software: Software that enables users to use a computer system for creating, editing, viewing, storing retrieving and printing designs, drawings, pictures, graphs and anything else that can be drawn in a traditional manner. Gray scales: The number of shades of a color that can be presented on a monochrome (black and white) monitor's screen or on a monochrome printer's output. Groupware: See Computer Supported Co-opeative Working (CSCW). H Hacker: A computer enthusiast who uses the computer as a source of recreation by pushing its capabilities to its limits (performance, security, storage, etc.). Half adder: An adder, which adds two binary digits and outputs a result bit and a carry bit (if any). Half duplex: A communication system in which data can be transmitted between a source and a destination in both directions, but only in one direction at a time. Hard disk: A magnetic disk storage device that uses disks made of rigid metal (frequently aluminium). The hard disk platters come in many sizes ranging from 1 to 14-inch diameter. Hard-copy output: A computer output that is permanent in nature and can be kept in paper files or can be looked at a later time when the person is n5t using the computer. For example, output produced by printers or plotters on paper. Hardware: The physical components of a computer system such as electronic, magnetic, and mechanical devices. Hashing: The process of using an address generating function (called hashing algorithm) to map...
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