If a program runs successfully with the test data and

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Unformatted text preview: language rules have been violated, the computer does not know that an error ha been made. Hence it will not produce any error message for a logic error. Thus identifying logic errors in program is the responsibility of the program development and testing team. The team tests the program to determine whether or not it contains any logic error. The testing procedure involves running the program to process input test data and comparing the produced results with the known correct results. If the results generate for the test data do not match with the known correct results, it is assumed that the program contains one or mo: logic errors. Logic errors are typically due either to missing logic or to incorrect logic. If the logic is incorrect, the result generated from the test data will be wrong. These errors are the easiest of the logic errors to find. Errors caused by missing logic result from logical situations that the program was not designed to handle. As an example suppose that a numeric field is to be used in an arithmetic process and that the data entry operator enters a value for the field that is not numeric. The program logic should determine that the data are not numeric prior attempting the arithmetic process. If that logic is missing and nonnumeric data is used in an arithmetic operation, the program will fail. This type of logic error can be difficult to find. The only way for this error to occur is for nonnumeric data to be entered into a numeric field. It is possible for the program to be used for weeks, months, or years before this happens and the error in program logic shows up. In order to completely test the program logic, the test data must test each logical function of the program. Hence, the selection of proper test data is important in program testing. In general, the test data selected for testing a program should include: 1. All types of possible valid data. This will test the generally used program paths and will ensure that the program has been correctly designed to han...
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