If the user has an in house software development team

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Unformatted text preview: sources for buying a software package are directly from the producer, from a retail store, or from a mail-order distributor. Different vendors normally offer different discount rates on the list price and selecting the best vendor in terms of price and after-sale support is very important. The following are the advantages and limitations of buying a pre-written software package: 1. A pre-written software package usually costs less because its development and maintenance costs are shared by many customers. 2. With a pre-written software package, a user can start the planned activity almost immediately. The user need not wait for the software to be developed and tested before the planned activity can be started. This may be very important if the development and testing efforts involve several months. 3. Pre-written software packages are usually designed to be general purpose so that they can meet the requirements of as many potential users as possible. Due to this feature, many times the operating efficiency and the capability to meet the specific needs of a user more effectively is not as good for pre-written software packages as for in-house developed software packages. Ordering Customized Software Often there are situations where none of the available pre-written software packages can meet the specific requirements of a user (an organization or an individual) either partially or fully. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to create a customized software package to satisfy the specific requirements. If the user has an in-house software development team, the software package can be created in-house. However, if such a team does not exist in-house, the user must get it created by another organization by placing an order for it. The following steps are typically followed for this: 1. The user has to first of all list out all its requirements very carefully. 2. The user then floats a tender for inviting quotations for the creation of the requisite software. Sometimes the user m...
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