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Unformatted text preview: spreadsheet or a database. Among the most popular types of graphs and charts used for graphical representation of numerical data are line graphs, bar charts and pie charts (see Figure 15.10). Line graphs contain one or more lines connecting data points plotted on a horizontal and vertical axes. Bar charts use one or more bars on a horizontal and vertical axes to show values by the lengths of the bars. Sometimes^ bar is^divided into component parts; and the sum of all the parts equals the total length of the stacked bar. Pie charts use one or more circles divided into sectors to show the component parts of a whole. Single circles can be used, or several can be drawn to compare changes in the component parts over time. Regardless of the type of representation used, a user can vary colors, add and delete lines and headings, change scales and edit the graphs or charts suitably to get the desired results. Some presentation graphics software also have animation capability that enables users to make the graph or chart dynamically change on the screen to depict increase or decrease of figures over time. Presentation graphics software is very useful for analysts and decision makers because it allows them to gain a better understanding of the relationships, changes, and trends that are buried in their numeric data. This helps them in making more informed decisions. Drag-and-drop Objects This feature enables the users to create their overall designs and pictures much faster by allowing them to use ready-made graphic objects or images, supplied with the software. For example, the drawing software comes with a set of readymade shapes like line, rectangle, circle, etc. which the user can use in his/her design as per the requirement. The user can select a desired object from the set of given objects and drag it to the desired position on the drawing area and then drop it there to add it to the overall design. The drag feature also allows the user to suitably change the size or the shape of the object to match with the overall design. It also enables the user to glue multiple objects together such that they stay connected and move together if one of them is moved on the drawing area. Similarly, the painting software comes with a clip art library of stored images. The user can select a desired image from the clip art library and...
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