In case of computer systems the commonly used media

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Unformatted text preview: tranet? How is it different from the Internet? How is it similar to the Internet. 39. Explain three different ways in which an Intranet may be useful to an organization. 40. What is a proxy server? Why is it used? Explain how the Internet is accessed from within an organization that uses a proxy server. 41. List out some of the typical uses of a proxy server. 42. What is a firewall? Explain how can it help in providing better security to an organization. 43. What is Internet telephony? Explain how a call takes place by using Internet telephony. 44. What is a microbrowser? How is it different from a traditional desktop browser? What are the two general approaches used by microbrowsers for accessing web data? (e) Next generation Internet Protocol (IPV6) 45 Write short notes on: . (a) Intranet (b) Proxy server (c) Internet telephony 46 Give the full form of: . (a) FTP (b) FAQ (c) WWW (d) HTML (e) SGML (f) HTTP (g) ISP (d) Mien (e) Next (h) URL (i) SLIP (j) PPP (k) VOIP (1) IPV6 (m)IETF Chapter 19 Multimedia You saw in Chapter 1 that modern computers are not only used as a fast calculating machine, but also as a device that operates upon data. You also saw that data comes in various shapes and sizes depending on the type of computer application. - In fact, the increasing popularity and usage of computers over the years is mainly due to their capability to handle different types of data. This capability of computers makes them suitable for a very wide range of applications and users. Hence, this chapter will introduce you to the different types of data that modern computer systems can process and the issues involved in processing these data types. This chapter starts with an introduction to multimedia and multimedia computer systems. It then describes the commonly used media in computer systems along with the issues in handling each one of them. Some key multimedia applications are then described to allow the readers to appreciate the various uses of multimedia. Finally, the chapter also covers some advanced to...
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