In fact e mail is the most widely used service over

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Unformatted text preview: ing the product name from the displayed list of products and then providing its specifications as requested by the system by using the TV set at his/her home. The system then quickly searches for all the models of the named product in the shop that match the customer's requirements. It then displays the list of selected models and at allows the customer to interactively examine each model in the list by requesting more details of specific aspects of the model. For example, if the customer is interested in buying a fridge, the system displays a list of all models available, and then on customer's request displays a high quality graphic image of the selected model. The customer can then interactively rotate the image to examine the look of the model from all directions, can open the doors of different compartments one-by-one to examine the facilities inside, can zoom certain parts inside the fridge to have a closer look, can request for display of the image in all colors in which the model is available, etc. Once the customer gets satisfied and wants to purchase one, he/she places an order by filling up a form displayed by the system. The form requests for information such as product name with model number and color, name a address of the customer, credit card number, delivery address (the person ordering may like to gift it to someone), choice of delivery date (for example on birthday), etc. The system records the order and the purchased item is delivered manually to the customer by the shop owner. The virtual reality technology is used to extend the concept of virtual shops to virtual shopping malls. In this case, the customer is presented with a virtual shopping street on his/her TV screen with many different types of shops lined up on both sides of the street. Using interactive TV features, the customer can use the remote control to have a virtual walkthrough on the shopping street, enter any shop of his/her choice, have a closer look at the products displayed in it, make purchases in the shop, t...
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