In the figure although all the user terminals are

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Unformatted text preview: rs of workstations include IBM, DEC, Hewlett-Packard (HP), and Silicon Graphics. MAINFRAME SYSTEMS There are several organizations such as banks, insurance companies, hospitals, railways, etc. that need to process large number of transactionson-line and requirecomputer systems having massive data storage and processing capabilities. Mainframe systems are computer systems that are mainly used for handling the bulk of data and information processing of such organizations. They are also used in such environments where a large number users need to share a common computing facility such as in research groups, educational institutions, engineering firms, etc. By its very nature of usage, a mainframe system is housed in a central location with several user terminals connected to it. The user terminals act as access stations and may or may not be located in the same building in which the mainframe system is located. A typical configuration of a mainframe system consists of the following components (see Figure 20.4). 1. Host, front-end, and back-end computers. A mainframe computer system is usually composed of several computers (subordinate computers) in addition to the mainframe, or host computer. The host computer carries out most of the computations and has direct control over all the other computers. The other computers relieve the host computer of certain routine processing requirements. For example, & front-end computer is used for handling communications to and from all the user termini connected- to the computer system, thus relieving the host computer of communications-related processing requirements. Similarly, a back-end computer is used to handle data I/O operations, thus relieving the host computer of locating a particular I/O device and transferring data to or from it. Although the host computer could itself perform all these operations, the subordinate computers provide a boost to the overall system efficiency by relieving the host computer of time-consuming chores that do not require processing speed. The host computer of many modern mainframe systems are multiprocessor systems...
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