In the latter case the user of an individual computer

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Unformatted text preview: sales quotes. Through a well-defined authorization and authentication scheme, the Internet services are then used to accept orders placed by the customers, to handle order payments, and to track orders to fulfillment. For example, the Internet Mall is a collection of shops, each providing several products or services for sale. For a list of the available products or services at the Internet Mall, you can ftp to the Internet site and look in the directory /pubs/Guides. Similarly, the Internet site is a WWW-based book shop on the Internet where information on all types of International books can be found and books can also be ordered on-line. 10. World-wide video conferencing. World-wide video conferencing is an emerging service on the Internet that allows a group of users located around the globe to talk and interact with each other as if they were sitting and discussing in a single room. The parties interacting can see each other talking on their computer screens and can hear each other's voice through a special audio-device fixed in their computers. The CU-SeeMe system developed at Cornell University is an example of an Internet-based video conferencing system. For information on CUSeeMe, you can ftp to the Internet site and look in the directory /pub/video/CU-SeeMe.FAQ. 76.txt. HOW TO GET CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET? We saw that the Internet can be put to many different types of usage. However, before one can even think of using the Internet, he/she has to be connected to this worldwide communications network. There are four basic ways to get connected to the Internet: 1. Direct/Leased-line 2. Remote Dial-up 3. SLIP/PPP . 4. Commercial Online Service Each of these options varies in terms of hardware and software required for connection, cost of connection, and flexibility of usage (what can and cannot be done). Let us consider these options one by one to understand their connectivity differences. Direct/Leased-line Connection In this method, a dedicated (leased) phone...
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