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Unformatted text preview: ble to its environment. Foi example, a language designed for real time applications must be interactive in nature. On the other hand, languages used for data processing jobs like pay-roll, stores accounting, etc., may be designed to be operative in batch mode. SELECTING A LANGUAGE FOR CODING AN APPLICATION One is often faced with the situation of selecting a programming language out of the many options available for coding an application. The following factors generally influence the selection process: 1. Nature of the application. The language should be suitable for the application area. For example FORTRAN is suitable for scientific and engineering applications, while COBOL is suitable for business applications. 2. Familiarity with the language. If there are multiple languages that are found suitable for the application area, then the language selected should be one that is best known to the programmers who are going to code the application. 3. Ease of learning the language. If there are multiple languages that are found suitable for the application area, and if the programmers are not familiar with any of them, then the language, which is easier to learn and use, should be selected. 4. Availability of program development tools. Before selecting a language, one must also find out whether the language is well supported with good program development tools like compiler, interpreter, debugger, linker, etc. The time and effort needed for coding the application can be greatly reduced if the selected language is supported with good program development tools. 5. Execution efficiency. If the execution efficiency of the application is important, one many use an assembly language instead of a high-level language for coding the application. This is because an assembly language program written by a clever programmer usually has a shorter production run time and takes less storage space than does a program of the same application written in a high-level language. 6. Features of a good programming language. Finally, the features of a good programming language discussed...
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