In vector graphics the design is composed of patterns

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Unformatted text preview: people find it difficult to interpret a table of numbers. GRAPHICS PAKCAGE What it is? Graphics packages enable us to use a computer system for creating, editing, viewing, storing, retrieving and printing designs, drawings, pictures, graphs and anything else that can be drawn in the traditional manner. Commonly Supported Features Graphics packages normally support the following features: 1. Draw designs 2. Paint drawings and pictures 3. Present graphs 4. Drag-and-drop graphic objects 5. Import graphic objects 6. Screen capture Each of these features may be provided as a separate graphics package (such as design package, paint package, presentation package, etc.), or they may be integrated together in a single graphics package, or they may be included in some other application package (for example, a word-processing package may have a design package included in it to enable users to draw figures in their documents, or a spreadsheet package may have a presentation package included in it to enable users to present numerical data in the form of graphs). No matter how they are supported, the features remain the same and our main interest here is to know about these features rather than how they are supported. What each of these features enables us to do is briefly described below. Draw Designs This feature enables users to draw graphics objects, such as lines, circles, rectangles, arcs, etc., to create diagrams and designs. Users need not worry about drawing straight lines or exact circles. The system automatically makes the lines, circles, arcs, etc. smooth and properly connected to each other. The system also allows users to move, copy, delete, rotate, tilt, flip horizontally or vertically, increase or decrease the size of the graphic objects. With all these facilities, users can draw complex designs with great ease. In fact, computer-aided design (CAD) is an area that is mainly based on this feature of graphics software, deals with the integration of computers and graphics design packages for...
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