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Unformatted text preview: a record's key field value to its storage address. Heavy-weight process: A process of a traditional system that does not support multithreading. Hertz: One cycle per second. Hexadecimal number system: A number system with a base of 16. Its digits range from 0 to F. It is commonly used as a shortcut notation for groups of four binary digits. Hierarchical database: A database model in which the data elements are linked in the form of an inverted tree structure with the root at the top and the branches formed below. Hierarchical network: A communications network in which computers are connected in a tree-like structure. High Definition Multiple Analog Components (HD-MAC): An HDTV broadcasting standard used in Europe. High Definition Television (HDTV): A television broadcasting standard designed to provide improved picture resolution, improved color resolution, wide screen display, and large projection as compared to conventional television broadcasting standards. High-level language: A programming language whose structure is application oriented and is independent of the structure of the computer. Each statement of such a language is translated into many machine language statements. HotBot: An Internet search engine. Hotlist: A personal list of favorite URL addresses that an Internet user is likely to frequently visit in future. A user's hotlist is automatically created and stored on his/her local web client computer by a browser. Hybrid network: A network that is a combination of two or more different network topologies. Hydra printers: Multifunctional devices that perform the functions of two or more of the following office equipment - printer, fax machine, copy machine and scanner. Hypertext: Documents that are prepared by using special linking facility for easier electronic access and manipulation. HyperText Markup Language (HTML): A powerful language used for creating hypertext documents. HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP): An Internet protocol for interaction between the computers on the Internet. I I/O ports: Sockets used to plug-in I/O devices to a computer system....
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