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Unformatted text preview: I/O-bound jobs: Jobs whose CPU utilization is very low and mostly perform I/O operations during the course of their processing. Icon: A graphical object displayed on a visual display screen that is used in place of words or phrases to allow users to select program options when selected with a mouse or other pointing device. Impact printer: A printer which prints characters by causing hammers to strike against the paper on which information is to be printed. Incremental backup: Backing up of only those files in which changes have been made since the last backup was taken. Indexed Sequential: Access indexed sequential file. Method (ISAM): See Indexed sequential file A file organization in which an index (directory) file is used to have both sequential and random access to the records of the file. Also known as the Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM). Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) bus: A 16-bit data bus that can transmit data along either 8 or 16 data lines. Inference Find: An Internet meta search engine. Infopedia: A single CD-ROM disk that holds an encyclopedia, or a dictionary, or a world atlas, or a dictionary of quotations, or biographies of great people, or information about all educational institutions of a particular type in a country, etc. Information Processed data obtained as the output of data processing. It is used by people to enhance understanding and to achieve specific purposes. Infoseek: An Internet search engine. Inheritance: In OOP, inheritance is a mechanism for sharing code and behavior. It allows a programmer to reuse the behavior of a class in the definition of new classes. InkJet printers: Character printers that form characters and all kinds of images by spraying small drops of ink on to the paper. Input: Data and instructions entered into a computer for processing purposes. Input device: A device used to enter data and instructions into a computer. Examples are keyboard, mouse, trackball, joystick, scanner, digitizer, voice recognition system, and...
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