Intranet a network that connects the computers and

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Unformatted text preview: vision input system. Input/Output (I/O): Pertaining to the techniques, media, and devices used for manmachine interaction. Input/Output Control System (IOCS): A set of routines for handling the many detailed aspects of input and output operations. Input/Output register (I/O): A register, which is used to communicate with the input/output devices. Instruction: A command or order given to a computer. It normally consists of a code to indicate the operation to be performed and address(es) in memory where the operand(s) would be found. Instruction register (I): A register, which holds the current instruction that is being executed. Instruction set: A set of machine instructions that the CPU has built-in ability to execute. Integrated Circuits (ICs): Circuits consisting of several electronic components like transistors, resistors, and capacitors grown on a single chip of silicon eliminating wired interconnection between components. Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE): A drive interface standard that provides datatransfer rates of about 1 Megabytes per second under ideal conditions. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN): A telephonic system that provides digital (not analog) telephone and data services. Intelligence Peripheral Interface-level 3 (IPI-3): A drive interface standard that is used in minicomputer and mainframe systems for interfacing faster, larger disks (having diameter of 8 inches or more) with the main computer system. Intelligent terminal: A terminal having extensive local processing capability. It has a built-in microcomputer that can be programmed by users. Inter Block Gap (IBG): When several records are in one block, these gaps separate the blocks of records on magnetic tape. Inter Record Gap (IRG): Blank space between two consecutive records on a tape. Interactive TV A facility that allows users to select TV programmes of their interest from remote massive video archives, view at the time they wish without leaving the comfort of their homes, and interact with the pro...
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