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Unformatted text preview: drag it to the desired position on the drawing area and then drop it there to add it to the overall picture being created. The user can also change the size, color, texture, etc. of the image to match with the overall picture. With this feature, the user need not spend time in creating an image that is readily available in the clip art library. Import Objects This feature further enables the users to create their overall designs and pictures much faster by allowing them to use not only the graphic objects or images supplied with the software, but even those graphic objects or images that are stored in files created by some other software or means. For example, a photograph may be scanned and the scanned image may be imported into and included in an overall picture that the user is currently creating. Similarly, a graphics object or image received from someone through electronic mail can be imported in a drawing from the mail file. With this feature, the user need not spend time in creating an image or an object that can be readily obtained from somewhere else. Screen Capture This feature enables the users to take a snapshot of a screen display and to convert it into an image that can be stored in a file and later imported into a document. This feature is very useful while writing books or manuals that need to include screen images as illustrations. A screen is captured as a bit-mapped image. Once stored in a file, it can be imported into any document at any time and even manipulated with a paint program. PERSONAL ASSISTANCE PACKAGE What it is? Personal assistance packages allow individuals to use personal computers for storing and retrieving their personal information, and planning and managing their schedules, contacts, finances and inventory of important items. Commonly Supported Features Features normally supported by personal assistance packages are as follows (some may support only a few of these, while others may have several additional features not listed here): 1. Ca...
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