It displays the output on a television like screen

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Unformatted text preview: ining of records from two or more ordered files into a single ordered file. Message: In OOP, message serves as the mechanism to support communication between objects. Message switching: A data communication method in which the data (message) to be sent is first appended with the destination address and then sent across the network to its destination. Metadata: A catalog of information that keeps track of what is where, in a data warehouse. In short, it is data about data, which provides users and developers with a road map to the information in the data warehouse. Method: In OOP, a method of an object defines the set of operations that the object will execute when a message corresponding to the method is received by the object. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN): Networks that share some of the characteristics of both LANs and WANs. They usually interconnect computers spread over a geographical area of about 50 kilometers. Micro Channel Architecture (MCA) bus: A 32-bit data bus that transmits data along 32 data lines. Micro flowchart: A flowchart with more details. It is also called a detailed flowchart. Microbrowser: A browser meant for use with Internet-enabled mobile devices. Microcode The very basic directions that tell the CPU how to execute an instruction; located in the control unit. Microcomputer: The smallest category of computer fabricated using a microprocessor, and other integrated circuits, namely a ROM, RAM, and I/O interface chips. Microfiche: An output device that uses combined electronic, photo-optical, and electromechanical techniques to convert digital computer output to records that can be stored as rolls of microfilm or as frames of microfilm stored on cards called microfiche. Microfilm: See microfiche. Microkernel: Technology that allows operating systems to be modeled and designed in a modular fashion. Microprocessor: An IC chip that contains all the circuits needed to perform arithmetic logic and control functions, the core activities of all computers, on a single chip. Microprogram: Firmware programs residing in read-only...
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