It is only an aid to programming for a given problem

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Unformatted text preview: an be classified to be a second divisioner. Hence in this case only we perform the operation "Write output data" and subsequently increment the value of Count by 1. It is suggested that the reader should go through the logic of this flowchart again and again until he/she is convinced that the output list provided by the computer will contain the details of only those female students who have passed in second division. The reader should also get convinced that finally when the trailer record is detected, the operation "Write Count" would print out the value of Count that will be equal to the total number of female students who have passed in second division. This flowchart is an example of a multiple-decision chart. The flowchart of Figure 11.9 has been reproduced in Figure 11.10 to illustrate the use of connectors. There are four exit connectors having the label 1 all of which indicate a flow of control to the flowchart symbol having an entry connector labeled 1. This symbol is the input symbol in the flowchart. Similarly the exit connector having a label 2 indicates a flow of control to the entry connector labeled 2. The reader should compare the flowcharts of Figure 11.9 and Figure 11.10 and should get convinced that both the flowcharts represent the same logic. A flowchart may seem simple to prepare, but you will find that much practice is needed in order to think through a problem in discrete, logical steps, to assume nothing and to forget nothing. Moreover, not everyone will tackle a problem in exactly the same way and, in consequence, several different flowcharts could be drafted for the same problem. It may also be noted that a completed flowchart is not a complete computer program. It is only an aid to programming. For a given problem, it defines the procedure and the logic involved. From the examples that have been discussed above, we are in a better position to understand what this "logic" means. Levels of Flowcharts There are no set standards on the amount of detail that should be provid...
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