It is used for connecting slow io devices such as

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Unformatted text preview: ool that is used to interconnect those networks that use the same high-level protocols above the network layer. Routing: The selection of actual path to be used to transmit a message in a wide area network environment. RS-232-C interface: A standard interface used for interconnecting user terminals to computers. It was defined by the Electronics Industrial Association of USA. Run time: The time required to complete a single, continuous, execution of an object program. S Scanner: An input device used for direct data entry into the computer system from source documents. Schema builder: A software tool that enables a user to define a database schema interactively by prompting the user to enter the field name, field type, field size, and so on for each field. Screen image projector: An output device that is used to project information from a computer on to a large screen (such as a cloth screen or a wall) so that it can be simultaneously viewed by a large group of people. Script: A program written in a scripting language. Scripting language: A programming language that allows programmers to integrate several command statements (used to instruct a computer to do some job) into a single command so that the programmer need not type all the commands every time he/she needs to perform the intended task. Scrolling: Using program-specified ways (by the use of keys or mouse) to move the items displayed in a window up or down, or left or right, in order to see parts of the file that extend past the bottom or top or sides of the window. Second generation computers: Computers built during the period 1955 and 1964. They used transistors in CPU and magnetic cores for main memory. On software front, they used high-level languages like FORTRAN and COBOL for programming and batch operating systems. Secondary storage: See auxiliary memory. Sector: The smallest unit with which any disk can work. Disk drives are designed to access only whole sectors at a time. Security: Policies and mechanisms that deal with protecting the various resources and information of a computer system against destruction and unauthorized access. Seek time: In a disk system, the time required...
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