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Unformatted text preview: e used to indicate the flow of operation, that is, the exact sequence in which the instructions are to be executed. The normal flow of flowchart is from top to bottom and left to right. Arrow heads are required only when the normal top to bottom flow is not to be followed. However, as a good practice and in order to avoid ambiguity, flow lines are usually drawn with an arrow head at the point of entry to a symbol. Good practice also dictates that flow lines should not cross each other and that such intersections should be avoided whenever possible. 6. Connectors. Whenever a flowchart becomes complex enough that the number and direction of flow lines is confusing or it spreads over more than one page, it is useful to utilize the connector symbol as a substitute for flow lines. This symbol represents an entry from, or an exit to another part of the flowchart. A connector symbol is represented by a circle and a letter or digit is placed within the circle to indicate the link. A pair of identically labeled connector symbols is commonly used to indicate a continued flow when the use of a line is confusing. So two connectors with identical labels serve the same function as a long flowline. That is, they show an exit to some other chart section, or they indicate an entry from another part of the chart. How is it possible to determine if a connector is used as an entry or an exist point? It is. very simple - if an arrow enters but does not leave a connector, it is an exit point and program control is transferred to the identically labeled connector that does have an outlet. It may be noted that connectors do not represent any operation and their use in a flowchart is only for the sake of convenience and clarity. Additional Flowchart Symbols The basic flowchart symbols discussed above are sufficient to represent any program logic. However, these symbols do not specify in particular the type of storage media to be used, the type of I/O device to be used, or the type of processing to be do...
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