It permits the user to represent numbers by the

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Unformatted text preview: ystem? 36. What are the various types of storage devices normally used in a mainframe system? 37. What are the various types of input/output devices normally used in a mainframe system? 38. The components of a mainframe system are normally divided into two types - those that are placed ii system room and those, which are placed in user room. List out the main components of a mainframe system and mention against each component as to which of the above two types it belongs to. 39. What is a minicomputer system? 40. Discuss how the subordinate computers of a mainframe system help in improving the overall performance c the system. 41. What is a supercomputer? What are its primary uses? 42. Give examples of at least five supercomputing applications. Explain why do these applications require supercomputer. 43. Explain the two key technologies that modern supercomputers employ for solving complex problems faster. 44. What is parallel processing? Explain with an example how parallel processing can help solve a complex problem faster. 45. Why are modern supercomputers also known as massively parallel processors? 46. What is a parallel computer? How many types of parallel computers are there? Explain the differences between them and list out their relative advantages and disadvantages. 47. What is the main difference between a supercomputer and a mainframe system? 48. Supercomputers are often treated as a national resource. Discuss this statement. 49. What is a message passing parallel computer? Why is it so called? 50. Write short notes on: (a) Parallel processing (b) Parallel computers (c) I/O-bound applications (d) Massively parallel processors (e) Processor-bound applications 51. List out the main components of a client-server computing environment. Describe the roles of each component. 52. Give three examples of resources/services that can best be handled by a server in a client-server computing environment. 53. Is it possible to have a number of different types of client computers and operating systems, and a number of different types of server computers and operating syste...
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