It provides such information as the percentage of cpu

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Unformatted text preview: f all the hardware and software components of the computer system. Operating system has been discussed in greater detail in Chapter 14. Programming Language Translators Programming language translators are system software that transform the instructions prepared by programmers using convenient programming languages into a form that can be interpreted and executed by a computer system. Programming language translators have been discussed in greater detail in Chapter 12. Utility Programs Utility programs (also known as utilities) are a set of programs that help users in system maintenance tasks and in performing tasks of routine nature. Some of the tasks commonly performed by utility programs include the following: 1. Formatting hard disks or floppy disks. 2. Reorganizing files on a hard disk to conserve storage space. 3. Taking backup of files stored on hard disk on to a tape or floppy disk. 4. Searching a particular file from a directory of hundreds of files. 5. Checking the amount of available memory. 6. Checking the amount of available storage space on hard disk. 7. Reducing the file size for more efficient transmission over a data communication link. 8. Sorting of the records stored in a file in a particular order based on some key field(s). 9. Scanning the system for computer viruses. Performance Monitoring Software Performance monitoring software (also known as profiler) helps the user in analyzing the performance of the various hardware components as well as the overall performance of a computer system. It provides such information as the percentage of CPU utilization, percentage of memory utilization, and number of disk accesses during any given period of time. Such information can be effectively used by the users in optimizing their programs so that they use the various system resources more optimally and execute faster. It also helps users plan for upgrading the hardware resources of their computer systems such as increasing the CPU power or the memory or hard disk capacity. Communications Software In a network environment (where multiple computers are integrated together by communications network), communications software enables transfer of data and programs from one computer system to another. Typical functions performed by communications software include: 1. Ensuring that connectivity is properly established between the source and destinat...
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