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Unformatted text preview: lay facility than what PCs provide. Workstations are commonly used for computer-aided design, multimedia applications, and simulation of complex scientific and engineering problems and visualizing the results of simulation. Workstations generally run the Unix operating system or a variation of it. A workstation's operating system is generally designed to support a multiuser environment. 6. Mainframe systems are computer systems that are mainly used for handling the bulk of data and information processing of such organizations as banks, insurance companies, hospitals, railways, etc. They are also used in such environments where a large number of users need to share a common computing facility such as in research groups, educational institutions, engineering firms, etc. A typical configuration of a mainframe system consists of a host computer, a front-end computer, a back-end Computer, one or more console terminals, several magnetic disk drives, a few tape drives, a magnetic tape library, several user terminals, several printers, and one or more plotters. A typical mainframe system looks like a row of large file cabinets and needs a large room. A mainframe system having smaller configuration (slower host and subordinate computers, lesser storage space, and fewer user terminals) is often referred to as a minicomputer system. 7. Supercomputers are the most powerful and most expensive computers available at a given time. They are primarily used for processing complex scientific applications that require enormous processing power. Some of the well known supercomputing applications include analysis of large volumes of seismic data, simulation of airflow around an aircraft, crash simulation of the design of an automobile, solving complex structure engineering problems, weather forecasting, microscopic investigation of mechanical, electrical, optical and structural properties of materials, and creating special effects for movies and TV programmes. Like mainframe systems, supercomputers also s...
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