It should be noted that in high level languages such

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Unformatted text preview: dle all types of input data that falls within the scope of the program. 2. All types of possible invalid data (such as incorrect, incomplete, or inappropriate data). This is necessary to test the error-handling capabilities of the program (how the program reacts in case of abnormal and unusual input data). Good programs should be able to produce appropriate error messages instead of hanging (not continuing with its execution) or generating meaningless output. If a program runs successfully with the test data and produces correct results, it is normally released for use. However, even at this stage errors may still remain in the program. In case of a complex program, there may be thousands of different possible paths through the program and it may not be practical or even possible to trace through all these paths during testing. There are certain errors in complex software systems that remain dormant for months and years together and hence it is impossible to certify that such systems are free of all logic errors.. Hence if a software is going to be sold commercially, instead of releasing it directly in the commercial market, it is first released to a selected set of users. This release version of the software is known as beta version. The selected set of users use the beta version of the software for an identified period of time and report any bugs found in the software to the company that is developing the software. The use of beta version of the software by the selected set of users for identifying errors that might have been overlooked during the regular testing phase is known as beta testing. After beta testing, the reported bugs (if any) are fixed and then the software is released to the commercial market. Note that even at this stage, the software may contain certain errors. Debugging a Program for Syntax Errors Syntax errors and logic errors are collectively known as bugs and the process of eliminating these errors is known as debugging. As compared to logic errors, syntax errors are much easier t...
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