It uses multiprogramming with a special cpu

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Unformatted text preview: are used by the operating system to identify a new job and to determine what resources are needed by the job during its execution. These control statements are written in a language known as the job control language (JCL). 10. In a uniprogramming system only one job is processed by the system at a time and all the system resources are exclusively available for the job until it completes. 11. CPU-bound jobs mostly perform numerical calculations, with little I/O operations. They heavily utilize the CPU during the course of their processing. 12. I/O-bound jobs normally input vast amount of data, perform very little computation, and output large amount of information. Their CPU utilization is very low. 13. Multiprogramming is the name given to the interleaved execution of two or more different and independent programs by the same computer. 14. In some multiprogramming systems, only a fixed number of jobs can be processed concurrently (multiprogramming with fixed tasks) (MFT), while in others the number of jobs can vary (multiprogramming with variable tasks) (MVT). 15. In a multiprogramming system, the area occupied by each job residing simultaneously in the main memory is known as a memory partition. 16. The part of the operating systerrKhat is concerned with deciding which of the ready jobs should be allotted the CPU for execution is called the CPU scheduler, and the algorithm it uses is called the CPU scheduling algorithm. 17. Multitasking is the concurrent execution of multiple jobs (often referred to as tasks of same user) in a single-user system. 18. In operating systems with threads facility, a process consists of an address space and one or more threads of control. Each thread of a process has its own program counter, its own register states, and its own stack. But all the threads of a process share the same address space. Threads are often referred to as lightweight processes and traditional processes are referred to as heavyweight processes. 19. The term multiprocessing is used to describe interconnected computer configurations or computers with two or mor...
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