It uses two bytes to represent more than 65000

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Unformatted text preview: ed between several users and each user of the channel is allotted a time slice during which he/she may transmit a message. The channel capacity is fully utilized by interleaving a number of data streams belonging to different users into one data stream. Time log: A log documentation automatically maintained by many computer systems that describe in detail how the computer system was used during the day. Time slice: The short period of time during which a user process gets the attention of the CPU in a time-sharing system. Also known as time slot or quantum. Time slot: See time slice. Time-sharing: A mechanism to provide simultaneous interactive use of a computer system by many users in such a way that each user is given the impression that he/she has his/her own computer. It uses multiprogramming with a special CPU scheduling algorithm to achieve this. Top-down approach: A disciplined approach to system design or program design in which top-level functions are decomposed into a hierarchy of understandable lower-level modules for better management and easy handling. Touch screen: A simple, intuitive, and easy to learn input device that enables the users to choose from available options by simply touching with their finger the desired icon or menu item displayed on the computer's screen. Track: In case of magnetic disk storage, one of many circular concentric rings used for storing data. In case of magnetic tape storage, a horizontal strip, or channel, running the full length of the tape and used for recording data. Trackball: An input device that serves as an effective pointing device. Transaction file: A file in which current data are stored for subsequent processing usually in combination with a master file. Transducer: A device capable of changing signals from analog form to digital form or vice-versa. Transistor: A controlled electronic switch fabricated using a semiconductor. It is extensively used in the design of various electronic equipment. Transponder: A device mounted on a communication satellite, which receives, amp...
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