Kilobytes kb memory storage equal to 1024 210 bytes in

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Unformatted text preview: grammes via VCRlike functions, such as fast-forward and rewind. Interface: Electronic circuit used to interconnect I/O devices to a computer's CPU or memory. Internal fragmentation: A situation when a process is allocated more memory than its actual memory requirement and the additional memory allocated to the process remains unutilized because it is neither used by the process to which it is allocated nor it can be allocated to any other process for use. Internal storage: The addressable storage in a digital computer which is directly under the control of the CPU. Internet: A network of networks of computers that links many different types of computers all over the world. Internet search enginee: An application available on the WWW that helps users locate the web sites containing useful information and references to such information. Internet Service Provider (ISP): An organization that maintains one or more gateway computers and provides Internet access facility to other users by allowing them to connect their computers to its own gateway computer(s) by using a modem. Internet surfing: The process of navigating the Internet to search for useful information. Internet telephony: Refers to the use of the public Internet for voice transmission. It enables the subscriber of an Internet service to use his/her computer to make long-distance calls. Internetworking: Interconnecting of two or more networks to form a single network. The resulting network is called an internetwork. Interpreter: A language processor that translates a statement of a high-level language and immediately executes it before translating the next source language statement. It is the most common language processor for BASIC. Intranet: A network that connects the computers and networks within an organization by using the hardware and software that is used on the Internet. Intrinsic subprograms: See built-in functions. IPV4: The current Internet protocol. IPV6: The next generation Internet protocol. Iteration logic: A program construct used to produce loops in program logic when one or more instructions ma...
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