Lisp lisp stands for list processing it was developed

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Unformatted text preview: er listlen, newelement; begin integer array [1 : listlen] list; end end; addelement; ALGOL succeeded in becoming the only acceptable formal means of communicating algorithms, and it remained for over 20 years the sole language for publishing algorithms. However, ALGOL never became a popular programming language. Some of the main reasons for its lack of acceptance and wide-spread usage are: 1. Some of its features turned out to be too flexible, making its understanding difficult and implementation inefficient. 2. With its vast and flexible features, development of a compiler for the language became an extremely difficult task. 3. The language was primarily designed as a way of expressing algorithms, and input/output statements were not made a part of the language. The lack of I/O facilities made it very difficult to interface a program with the outside world. 4. IBM, the largest computer manufacturer during those days, did not favor and support ALGOL on its systems early in its existence. RPG RPG stands for Report Program Generator. As the name implies, it is a language designed to generate the output reports resulting from the processing of common business applications. The language was developed by IBM as a result of their customer requests for an easy and economic mechanism for producing reports. It was launched in the year 1961 for use on the IBM 1401 computer. The later version of RPG, called RPG II, greatly improved the language and gave it additional capabilities. RPG is considered different from other programming languages. Instead of writing instructions or statements, the programmer uses very detailed coding sheets to write his/her specifications about input, calculations, and output. These sheets specify exactly what is to be done, and then the computer uses them to generate the necessary instructions to perform the desired applications. Thus, RPG is easier to learn and use as compared to COBOL. Owing to these reasons, it is well suited for applications where larg...
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