Logical system architecture the logical architecture

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Unformatted text preview: hed in electronic form so that users can access and print only those articles/portions in which they are interested. A further extension of this idea is digital library, which is a repository of large information in digital form allowing multiple users to search and access information of their interest from it. Entertainment Software Entertainment software allow computer systems to be used as an entertainment tool. A few examples of such applications are: 1. Video Games. Today thousands of video game applications are available on computer systems. Special audio and visual effects are used in these applications to make the games thrilling and exciting for the users. 2. Interactive Television. These applications allow users to either use their computer systems as an interactive television or to convert their conventional televisions into an interactive television. An interactive TV allows users to select TV programs of their interest from a massive video archive, view at the time they wish, and interact with the programs via VCR-like functions, such as fast-forward and rewind. In essence, it implements a virtual video-rental shop from which customers can borrow and view the videos of their choice at their own convenient time. The rental shop being virtual provides 24 hours service. 3. Game Partner. These applications allow computers to become a game partner of an individual for playing conventional games that require two players. A good example of such an application is the use of computers for playing chess. LOGICAL SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE The logical architecture of a computer system is shown in Figure 10.1. The architecture basically depicts the relationship among the hardware, system software, application software and users of a computer system. As shown in the figure, at the center of any computer system is the hardware, which comprises of the physica devices/components of the computer system. Surrounding the hardware is the system software layer that constitutes the operating and programming environment of the computer system. That is,...
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