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Unformatted text preview: y be executed several times depending on some condition. Also known as looping logic. Ixquick: An Internet meta search engine. Java: A programming language that was designed to have machine-independent compiled code. It is primarily used for Internet-based applications. Job: See process Job Control Language (JCL): A special purpose language used to describe to a computer's operating system the resource requirements of a job fed to the computer for processing. Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG): A standard data compression technique for still images. Joystick: An input device that serves as an effective pointing device for applications such as video games, flight simulators, training simulators, and for controlling industrial robots. Jump instruction: An instruction or signal, which, conditionally or unconditionally, specifies the location of the next instruction and directs the computer to that instruction. A jump instruction is used to alter the normal sequence control of the computer. Justification: The alignment of text at the left margin, the right margin, or both margins. K Kernel: The central controlling part of an operating system that implements the most primitive of the system's functions. It is the only part of an operating system that a user cannot replace or modify. Key field: A unique field in a record used to distinguish one record from another. Keyboard An input device that enables data entry into a computer by pressing a set of keys (labeled buttons), which are neatly mounted on a keyboard connected to the computer system. Key-to-tape: A device used to enter data onto a magnetic tape. Kilobytes (KB): Memory storage equal to 1024 (210) bytes in a computer. Kiosk: An unattended system that is used to store information of public interest and allows common people to access the stored information as per their requirement. Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD): The field which deals with the techniques and tools meant for extraction of knowledge from large da...
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