List out the main components of a client server

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Unformatted text preview: do some 16-bit PC systems have a maximum primary storage capacity of 1 Megabyte while others can manage up to 16 Megabytes? 16. What is meant by the "clock speed" of a microprocessor chip? How does it influence the processing capability of a processor? 17. List out three major techniques used by the microprocessor chip designers for better performance of a processor? 18. How does a larger cache size help in better performance of a processor? 19. Differentiate between LI and L2 caches. 20. What is an expansion slot? How is it useful for a buyer of a PC? 21. What is an add-on card? List out four functional enhancements that can be added to a PC by inserting one or more add-on cards into expansion slots. 22. Write short notes on: (a) Fax modem card (b) Expansion slot (c) Add-on card (d) Serial port (e) Parallel port (f) Network interface card (g) Motion video card (h) Color and graphics adapter card 23. What is a "port"? What are the two common types of ports available in PCs? How are they different from each other? 24. What operating systems do PCs normally use? 25. What is "multitasking"? How is it different from "multiprogramming"? 26. Differentiate among multitasking, multiprogramming and multiprocessing. 27. Can a PC be configured to simultaneously have more than one operating system? If yes, explain how is this feature useful. If no, give justification for your answer. 28. What is a workstation? Wnat are its common uses? 29. List out the major differences between a PC and a workstation. 30. What is a Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISC) technology? How does it help in increasing the speed of a processor? 31. What operating systems do workstations normally use? 32. What is a mainframe system? What are its typical uses? 33. Describe a typical configuration of a mainframe system. 34. Differentiate among the host computer, front-end computer, and back-end computer of a mainframe system. 35. What is the purpose of a console in a mainframe s...
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