Logic errors are errors in planning the programs

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Unformatted text preview: more of the following reasons: 1. Changes in business conditions or operations of the organization using the system. 2. Changes in organizational policies or enforcement of new laws. 3. Changes in user needs such as demand for additional features, or additional reports and outputs from the system. 4. Changes in technology such as availability of new and more powerful processors, more efficient storage, more convenient input/output devices, new system software, etc. System maintenance is an important phase of the overall life cycle of a computerized system and its importance should not be under estimated. In fact, several studies have shown that, on an average, the maintenance cost of a computerized system is two to four times more than the initial development cost. This means that more than half of the programming tasks in this world involve program maintenance. Due to this reason, in some organization there are programmers who do nothing but maintain production programs. Frequent change is disrupting and disturbing. Therefore, some control over changes is required. One method o achieving this control is to have all requests for change evaluated by a change control board. This board should be made up of the principal users of the system, a system analyst, and data processing personnel who are familiar with the system. Normal maintenance operations need not be approved by the change control board, but these operations should be recorded and summarized for periodic reporting to the board. Examples of maintenance activities are modifying the format of a report or rewriting a part of a computer program component to improve ii efficiency. Major changes are those that significantly alter the system or require extensive personnel, hardware or software. An example of a major change would be conversion of a system from Unix to Windows environment. When programs are modified, it is important to make sure that program documentation is also changed accordingly. Without the existence of proper documentation that is consistent with the programs, future chang...
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