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Unformatted text preview: hat provide access to several terabytes of stored data. They are multiple units of storage media (such as multiple disks, multiple tapes, multiple CD-ROMs) as a single secondary storage device. Massively Parallel Processing (MPP): An approach to designing supercomputers in which thousands of processors are integrated within a single computer so that the supercomputer can perform thousands of tasks simultaneously. Master file: A file containing relatively permanent data. This file is often updated by records in a transaction file. Maxterm: A Boolean quantity consisting of all terms (in its normal form or complement form) ORed together. Any combination (2n for n variables) of terms and complements is permissible, provided all are included in the term. Medium Scale Integration (MSI): Integration of up to about 100 electronic components on a single chip. Megabytes (MB): Memory storage equal to 1,048,576 (220) bytes in a computer. Memory A device or medium that can accept data, hold them, and deliver them on demand at a later time. Memory Address Register (MAR): A register, which holds the address of the active memory location and loaded from the program control register when an instruction is read from memory. Memory Buffer Register (MBR): A register, which holds the contents of the memory word read from, or written in, memory. Memory dump: Contents of memory duplicated on another storage device or printed on a printer. Memory interleaving: A technique used to minimize memory-processor speed mismatch.-. The memory is divided into multiple equal-size modules, which can be simultaneously accessed for better performance. Memory: partition In a multiprogramming system, the area occupied by each job residing simultaneously in the main memory. Menu: A list of processing choices displayed on the screen from which a user may select. Menu bar: A menu in which the options are displayed on a horizontal bar (usually at the top of the display screen) displayed across the screen. Merging: The comb...
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