Multiprocessing a term used to describe

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Unformatted text preview: memory (ROM). They deal with low-level machine functions and are essentially substitutes for additional hardware. Microsecond: One-millionth of a second Millisecond: One-thousandth of a second. Minterm: A Boolean quantity consisting of all terms (in its normal form or complement form) ANDed together. Any combination (2 n for n variables) of terms and complements is permissible, provided all are included in the term. MIPS: Millions of Instructions Per Second. Mnemonic: Any kind of mental trick we use to help us remember. For example, a computer may be designed to interpret the machine code of 1111 (binary) as the subtract operation, but it is easier for a human being to remember it as SUB. Mobile computing: A wireless computing system that supports mobility of the computing equipment, which the users use to access the resources associated with the wireless network. It allows mobile users to access information from anywhere and at anytime. Also known as nomadic computing. Mobile radio networks: Wireless networks which employ narrow bands for creating mobile radio network infrastructure. Modular approach: Dividing a project into segments and smaller units in order to simplify the analysis, design, and programming efforts. Modulation: The technique by which a digital signal is converted to its analog form for transmission over an analog facility. MOdulator-DEModulator (Modem): Devices used to convert digital signals (to be communicated over an analog channel such as telephone line) to analog form at the sending end and back to digital signals at the receiving end. Monitor: A popular output device used for producing soft-copy output. It displays the output on a television like screen. Motherboard: The main circuit board of a computer system. It has the CPU chip, RAM chips, ROM chips, I/O handling chips, etc. mounted on it. Also known as system board. Motion Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) video: A standard data compression technique for digital video data. Mouse: A small, hand-held input device that serves as an effective point-and-draw device in today's comp...
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