Name some of the commonly used point anddraw devices

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Unformatted text preview: that they can be used with maximum comfort and protect the users from accidents or medical problems caused due to continuous usage of a device for long hours. Questions 1. Why are I/O devices necessary for a computer system? 2. What are peripheral devices? Why are they so called? 3. Differentiate between an input device and an output device. Can a device be used as both an input device and an output device? If no, explain why. If yes, give an example of such a device. 4. Why are I/O devices very slow as compared to the speed of primary storage and CPU? 5. What is an input device? Name some of the commonly used input devices. 6. What are keyboard devices? Differentiate between general-purpose and specialpurpose keyboards. 7. Describe the organization of the keys on a QWERTY keyboard. 8. Explain the use of the following types of keys found on a keyboard: (a) Arrow keys (c) Alphanumeric keys (b) Soft keys (d) Special function keys 9. What are soft keys on a keyboard? Why are they so called? How are they used? 10. Name some of the special function keys along with their use. 11. Give examples of two special-purpose keyboards. 12. Write short notes on: (a) Keyboard templates (b) Software simulated keys (c) Keyboard buffer (d) Foreign language keyboards (e) Numeric keypad on a keyboard (f) Autorepeat feature of keyboards 13. What is a keyboard buffer? How does it help in the operation of a keyboard? 14. What are software simulated keys? How do they help in faster data entry? 15. What are point-and-draw devices? Name some of the commonly used point-anddraw devices. 16. What is a mouse? Explain how is it used to notify the system of a particular choice out of a given set of choices on the monitor's screen. 17. What is a graphics cursor? What is its relationship with a mouse? 18. List out and describe the basic techniques used to carry out the various types of operations possible with a mouse. 19. Differentiate between a mechanical and an optical mouse. 20. Differentiate between a serial and a bus mouse. 21. Differentiat...
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