Network multimedia can be used to allow users to

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Unformatted text preview: video signals, a video board also has connectors for video camera and video monitor. Note that the video camera, the video monitor, and the video board must be compatible with each other. A video board also compresses the video image for more efficient storage. 4. Video editors are used to cut and paste video sequences, to add special effects, and to create new video sequences from existing video sequences. They also allow superimposing of text and audio on a video sequence. Software Requirements for Video In addition to the above listed devices, the following capabilities are highly desirable in a multimedia computer system with video facility: 1. Video clips. This is a library of video clips from which one can select and directly import a video clip and use it in a multimedia application. This saves enormous time and effort that might otherwise be required to create a similar video clip. A video clip library often provides the facility to add a new video clip or delete an existing video clip from the library. 2. Recording and playback capabilities. A multimedia system with video capability should allow the user to control the recording and display of a video sequence. For example, it should provide the user with options to 'pause' and 'replay' the animation sequence. MULTIMEDIA APPLICATIONS It was mentioned in the beginning of this chapter that the capability of computers to handle different types of media makes them suitable for a very wide range of applications and users. Below we discuss some of the most commonly known applications of multimedia. Please note that there are many more multimedia applications in addition to those discussed here and it is not possible to cover all of them. The basic idea here is to introduce the readers to some key multimedia applications so that they can gain sufficient background to appreciate the use of multimedia and to visualize its other applications. For ease of presentation, the applications discussed below have been grouped in areas. Education Education is an...
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