None of these operations involve the arithmetic

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Unformatted text preview: mat. None of these operations involve the arithmetic operations normally associated with the computing device but the term computer is often applied anyway. The activity of processing data using a computer is called data processing. Data processing consists of three sub-activities: capturing the input data, manipulating the data, and managing the output results. As used in data processing, information is data arranged in an order and form that is useful to the people who receive it. That is, information is relevant knowledge, produced as the output of data processing operation and acquired by people to enhance understanding and to achieve specific purposes. Thus data is the raw material used as input to data processing and information is the processed data obtained as the output of data processing. CHARACTERISTICS OF COMPUTERS The increasing popularity of computers has proved that it is a very powerful and useful tool. The power and usefulness of this popular tool ate mainly due to its following characteristics: 1. Automatic. A machine is said to be automatic if it works by itself without human intervention. Computers are automatic machines because once started on a job, they carry on until the job is finished, normally without any human assistance. However, computers being machines, cannot start themselves. They cannot go out and find their own problems and solutions. They have to be instructed. That is, a computer works from a program of coded instructions that specify exactly how a particular job is to be done. While the job is in progress, the program is stored in the computer, and the parts of the instructions are obeyed. As soon as one instruction is completed, the next is obeyed automatically. Some of the other characteristics of computers such as speed and accuracy are due to the fact that they are automatic and work on a problem without any human intervention. 2. Speed. A computer is a very fast device. It can perform in a few seconds the amount of work that a human being can do in an entire year - if he worked day and night and did nothing el...
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