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Unformatted text preview: e database scanning. It is employed to search for frequent item sets in a transactional database. The association rules are then derived from these frequent item sets. 3. Attribute focusing. It looks for patterns with unusual probabilities by adding attributes selectively into the patterns. Neural Networks A neural network is a set of interlinked nodes called neurons. A neuron is a simple device that computes function of its inputs. The inputs can be outputs of other neurons or attribute values of an object. By adjusting the connection and the functional parameters of the neurons, a neural network can be trained to model the relationship between a set of input attributes and an output attribute. Such models attempt to mimic brain activity by adapting the weights of the interconnections among the neurons in the network allowing learning and memory creation to take place. The neural network method is ideal for prediction and classification in situations where there are a good deal of historical data available for training. Fuzzy Sets A fuzzy set is a set whose membership is fuzzy (based on rough match of attribute values instead of exact matches). In conventional classification schemes, we look for exact matches of attribute values (either true or totally false), but in systems based on fuzzy sets, truth values can lie anywhere on the 0.0 to 1.0 interval of real numbers. Using logical and fuzzy operators, such as AND, OR, NOT, VERY, and SOMEWHAT, the system can make fuzzy decisions. For example, IF (B OR C) THEN D can be stated in a system based on fuzzy sets as IF (SOMEWHAT B OR VERY C) THEN D Systems based on fuzzy sets can be used to form a group of fuzzy sets for use, in say, classification and clustering. Visual exploration In this method, data is transformed into visual objects (such as dots, lines, and areas) and displayed in a two or three dimensional space. Users then interactively explore the interesting spots and useful patterns by usual examination. Data Warehousing and Data Mining It is important to know the difference between data warehousing and data mining. As can be see...
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