Object oriented database a database model that

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Unformatted text preview: as tasks of same user) in a single-user system. Multithreading: A popular technology that is used to improve application performance through parallelism. Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI): An international standard developed for digital music that determines the cabling, hardware, and communications protocol needed to connect a computer with electronic musical instruments and recording equipment. N Nanosecond: One-billionth (10'9) of a second. Narrowband channel: Communication channels that handle low volumes of data, typically from 45 to 300 baud. They are used mainly for telegraph lines and low speed terminals. National Television Systems Committee (NTSC): A television broadcasting standard used in the US, Japan, and some Asian countries. Netiquette: Deals with the rules of framing messages while interacting with other Internet users. Network: See computer network. Network database: A database model in which the data elements are organized in the form of parent-child relationships. Network Interface Card (NIC): A hardware device that allows a computer to be connected to a network, both functionally and physically. Network operating system: An operating system for a distributed computing system in which the users view the system as a collection of distinct computers. Network topology: The structure of interconnection of nodes of a computer network. Neural network: A technology used to design experimental computers that can perform human-type tasks. The circuits of these computers are patterned after the complex interconnections existing among the human brain's neurons, or nerve cells. Newsgroup: A group of Internet/Intranet users who use the Usenet facility of the Internet to exchange their views/ideas/information on some common topic that is of interest to all the group members. Node: An end point of a branch in a network, or a common junction of two or more network branches. Nomadic computing: See mobile computing. Nonimpact printer: A printer, which performs some type of operation to the paper instead of physically striking it (as in the case of an impact printer). To...
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