On software front they used high level languages like

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Unformatted text preview: hitecture of CPUs with a small instruction set, fixed-length instructions, and reduced references to memory to retrieve operands. Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID): See disk array. Refresh rate: The number of times the electron beam of a display monitor scans the entire screen per second. Registers: Small, high-speed storage units, which are used to hold the information on a temporary basis when there is an interpretation and execution of instructions by the CPU. Data stored in a specific register have a special meaning to the CPU. Relational database: A database model in which the data elements are organized in the form of multiple tables and the data in one table is related to data in another table through the use of a common field. Reliability: Refers to the degree of tolerance of a system against errors and component failures in the system. Remote access: Accessing a computer from a distant station using communication facilities. Remote dial-up connection: A method of connecting a computer to the Internet via a gateway computer of an Internet service provider. Report file: A file that holds a copy of a report generated by a data processing application in computer-accessible form until it is convenient to print it. Report generator: A software that enables the users of a database to design the layout of a report so that it can be presented in the desired format. Report Program Generator (RPG): A business oriented, general purpose programming language designed to generate the output reports resulting from the processing of common business applications. Response time: The elapsed time between submission of a job to the system for processing and the first response produced by the system for the job. Ring network: A computer network in which there is no host computer for controlling other computers and each computer in the network has communicating subordinates. Rolling up: The process of viewing information from the detailed level (in the hierarchy) to a higher level view of information. Router: An internetworking t...
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