On the other hand a speech synthesizer converts text

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Unformatted text preview: er placed against a metallic chain/band on which all the characters of the character set supported by the printer are embossed. 27. Laser printers are page printers that produce very high quality output by forming characters and all kinds of images with very tiny ink particles. 28. Hydra printers are multifunctional devices that perform the functions of two or more of the following office equipment - printer, fax machine, copy machine and scanner. 29. Plotters are an ideal output device for architects, engineers, city planners, and others who need to routinely generate high-precision, hard-copy graphic output of widely varying sizes. The two commonly used types of plotters are drum plotter and flatbed plotter. 30. Computer Output Microfilm (COM) is an output device that allows computer output to be recorded on a sheet or roll of microfilm as microscopic filmed images. It uses a microfilm recorder for recording output information on a microfiche, and a microfilm reader to view the information recorded on a microfiche. 31. Screen image projector is an output device that is used to project information from a computer on to a large screen (such as a cloth screen or a wall) so that it can be simultaneously viewed by a large group of people. 32. Voice response systems enable computers to talk to their users. They are of two types - voice reproduction system and speech synthesizer. A voice reproduction system produces audio output by selecting an appropriate audio output from a set of pre-recorded audio responses. On the other hand, a speech synthesizer converts text information into spoken sentences. 33. A device controller is an interface unit between an I/O device and the system bus. On one side, it knows how to communicate with the I/O device connected to it, and on the other side, it knows how to communicate with the computer's CPU and memory through the system bus. 34. I/O devices are connected to I/O ports of a device controller, which in turn is connected to the computer's system bus. The I/O ports are used to plug-in I/O devices to a computer system. The...
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