On the other hand asymmetrical techniques are used in

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Unformatted text preview: . The designer can display any view of the object on the computer screen to see the object from a different perspective. On paper, the designer needs to draw a different drawing for each view, and for any change in the design, he/she will have to redraw all affected views. Visualization Visualization deals with exploring data and information graphically. Many computer applications deal with very large data sets. If the data is represented numerically, it becomes difficult to find relationships between different parts of the data. But if the same data is represented graphically, this relationship can be visualized much easily. For example, if we have a table containing data, which shows how pressure changes with the change of temperature in a particular experiment, it will be much easier to visualize this relationship if the same data is represented in the form of an (x, y) graph. Special visualization tools are available that allow graphical representation of very large and complex data sets assisting scientist and engineers in the analysis of their problems. Visualization is not only restricted to scientific and engineering applications. For example, a pie chart can be used to better visualize the percentage of earnings of a company from its different activities, or a bar chart can be used to better represent the year-wise change in profit of a company over a period of time. Data Compression We saw that multimedia data are typically large in volume and often require realtime and continuous delivery and presentation. Hence, multimedia applications require massive storage space, high data-transfer rate, and huge transmission bandwidth. Existing computers, storage devices, and networks are unable to satisfy these requirements. Hence, data compression techniques are used to reduce the volume of multimedia data in such a way that the original data can be reproduced with the desired quality level wherever required. The process of reducing the volume of data by applying a compression technique is called compression and...
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