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Unformatted text preview: f several employees in any organization. PCs are also providing employees with flexible working environments. Those employees who could not work during traditional office hours due to personal reasons can now work part of the time in the office and the remainder of the time at home by having a PC in their homes. Several individuals also keep a PC in their homes to run a business in their homes. PCs are also used both by children and adults for education and entertainment. Hence, PCs are now very common everywhere and can be found in offices, classrooms, homes, hospitals, shops, clinics, etc. The configuration of PCs varies from one PC to another depending on their usage. However, the most commonly used configuration consists of a system unit, a monitor (display screen), a keyboard, and a mouse. The system unit, which is in the form of a box, consists of the main circuit board (consisting of CPU, memory, etc.), the hard disk storage, the floppy disk drive, the CD-ROM drive, any special add-on cards (such as network interface card), and ports for connecting peripheral devices (such as printer). The two most commonly used models of PCs are the desktop model and the tower model. As shown in Figure 20.2, the only difference between the two models is that the monitor is positioned on top of the system unit in the desktop model, whereas the system unit of the tower model is designed to stand by the side of the monitor, allowing it to be positioned even on the floor beside or under the working desk to preserve desk space. Although the desktop model was more popular few years ago, the tower model is gaining popularity now. A PC generally employs several chips (CPU chip, RAM chips, ROM chips, I/O handling chips, etc.) on a main circuit board called a system board, or motherboard. The motherboard is what distinguishes one PC from another. Often PCs are distinguished by the main component of the motherboard, that is the microprocessor chip, which is used as their CPU. Some of the commonly...
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