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Unformatted text preview: are. It is used for inputting text documents and store them in a form suitable for doing word processing of the documents. Optical disk: A storage medium that consists of a rotating disk, which is coated with a thin metal or some other material that is highly reflective. Laser beam technology is used for recording/reading of data on the disk. Also known as laser disks. Optical fiber: Hair-thin threads of glass or plastic used as a data transmission medium. They use light signals for data transmission. Optical Mark Reader (OMR): An input device (a scanner) that is capable of recognizing a pre-specified type of mark made by pencil or pen. Any input data that is of a choice or selection nature can be recorded for OMR input. OSI protocol: A communication protocol to interconnect geographically dispersed heterogeneous computers. This protocol has been standardized by the International Standards Organization (ISO). Output: The information generated as a result of processing by a system. Output device: A device used in a computer system to supply information and results of computation to the outside world. Examples are monitor, printer, plotter, screen image projector, and voice response system. Packed decimal format: A modified form of zoned decimal number that places two decimal digits into each byte of the field with the exception of the rightmost byte, which contains one digit and the sign of the field. Packet switching: A data communication method in which the data (message) to be sent is first split up into packets of fixed size; each packet is then appended with source and destination addresses and some control information; and then the packets are sent across the network to their destination. At the receiver end, the packets are reassembled to recreate the message. Page: A program segment that is loaded into the main memory only when it is needed for execution. Page printer: A high-speed printer with a mechanism that appears to print an entire page at one time. Paging: A memory management scheme used*"to solve the problem of external fragmentation of memory. It does this by allowing a process's...
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