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Unformatted text preview: oting. The Linux boot manager, Linux Loader (LiLo) is used for this purpose. If you are working with MS-DOS or Microsoft Windows, you do not even need to reboot in order to start Linux, you can simply use the command LOADLIN to start Linux directly from the MS-DOS command-line interface. Advantages and Limitations of Linux The following advantages are often quoted in favour of Linux: 1. One of the biggest advantages of Linux is its price. The system, as such, is free, and can be copied and distributed without restrictions. 2. It has a rich set of features, which continues to grow rapidly because thousands of enthusiastic developers continuously keep extending and improving its features. 3. For those familiar with Unix, which is one of the oldest and the most popular operating system, learning and using Linux is a simple matter because many of the Unix features and tools are supported on Linux. |Critics of Linux, however, quote that it has the following limitations: 1. The biggest obstacle to implementing Linux is the perceived lack of commercial support and service. Most enterprises are reluctant to consider Linux today due to lack of vendor commitment and a full framework of global service and support. 2. As of today, Linux offers limited support for databases containing more than a terabyte of data. 3. As of today, there are relatively few commercial Linux-based applications because of commercial vendors' misconceptions about the open source community. They think that they have to give the product away or publish their source code. However, more and more commercial vendors are gradually realizing that developing software for Linux is like developing for other platforms. 4. Another reason for the availability of relatively few commercial Linux-based applications is the existence of so many Linux distribution versions. As of today, there is a lack of standard among various Linux distribution versions for such things as what are the file formats to be used, how and where to keep the system files, how and where to add new programs to menus, etc. Due to this, a commercial softwa...
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