Pseudo means imitation or false and code refers to

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Unformatted text preview: case of a female student whose Percentage is yet to be calculated. Rule 5: The student is a male, and the other conditions are don't care conditions. The computer should directly read the next student's record without performing any other operation. It is the case of a male student. Rule 6: In all the previous five rules, it was ascertained that the current record is not a trailer record because all these rules have a value N (No) for the condition Sexcode = Z. In this rule, the Sexcode is equal to Z, which indicates a trailer record, and hence the computer should write the value of Count and then "Stop". The other conditions in this rule are don't care conditions. It is the case of a trailer record. In the decision table, "Y" means yes, "N" means no, "-" means don't care, and "X" means the computer should take this action. Advantages and Limitations of Decision Tables Advantages Decision tables are normally used in place of flowcharts because of the following reasons: 1. They provide concise descriptions of logically complex situations. 2. They are easier to draw and change than flowcharts. 3. They provide more compact documentation. A small table can replace several pages of flowcharts. 4. It is also easier to follow a particular path down one column than through several flowchart pages. Limitations Decision tables, however, are not very popular and are not so widely used as flowcharts because: 1. Large decision tables can become incomprehensible and difficult to modify. 2. Flowcharts are better able to express the total sequence of events needed to solve a problem. 3. Flowcharts are more familiar to, and are preferred by, many programmers and beginners. PSEUDOCODE What is Pseudocode? Pseudocode is another programming analysis tool that is used for planning program logic. "Pseudo" means imitation or false and "Code" refers to the instructions written in a programming language. Pseudocode, therefore, is an imitation of actual computer instructions. These pseudo-instructions are phrases written in ordinary natural language (e.g...
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