Rather only the changed source programs need to be

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Unformatted text preview: on a computer with limited main memory capacity. Again, while editing the file, it could be very tedious and time-consuming to locate a certain line of code. 2. It would make it difficult to deploy multiple programmers to work concurrently towards the development of the software for completing it within a specified time limit. 3. Any change in the source program, no matter how small, would require the entire source program to be recompiled. Recompilation of large source programs is often a time-consuming process. To take care of these problems, a modular approach is generally adapted to develop reasonably sized software. In this approach, the software is divided into functional modules and separate source programs are written for each module of the software. Often there is no need to even write source programs for some of the modules because there might be programs available in a program library, which offer the same functionality. These library programs are maintained in their object code form. When modular approach is used for developing a software, the software consists of multiple source program files. Each source program file can be modified and compiled independent of other source program files to create a corresponding object program file. In this case, a program called a linker is used to properly combine all the object program files (modules) of the software, and to convert them into the final executable program, which is sometimes called a load module. That is, a linker takes object program files (modules) and fits them together to assemble them into the program's final executable form. The process of compiling the multiple source program files of a modularly developed software and linking them to create the executable program (load module) is illustrated in Figure 12.11. Note that since converting the source programs into an executable program is a two-step process, when the software is modified, there is no need to recompile all the source programs. Rather, only the changed source programs need to be recompiled to produce new object programs for them. The linker can then be executed to create a new execut...
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