Ring network a computer network in which there is no

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Unformatted text preview: e query language that collects the facts about a query from the user and composes query language statements internally. Query language: A language that enables users to define their requirements for extracting the desired information from the database in the form of queries. R Radio-router technology: An emerging wireless technology designed to make links in an IP network mobile. Radix: See base. RAM disk: A block of semiconductor RAM chips (other than the RAM chips used for the main memory) used in some computers as a simulated disk to make applications execute faster. Also known as silicon disk or pseudo disk. Note that RAM disk is not really a disk at all. Random Access Memory (RAM): A memory in which the time to retrieve stored information is independent of the address where it is stored. Random file See direct file. Random/direct-access storage device: A storage device in which access to any stored information is direct, and approximately equal access time is required for accessing any information irrespective of its location. Magnetic, optical and magneto-optical disks are typical examples of such a storage device. Rapid Application Development (RAD): A methodology for developing applications software for computers. The methodology ensures quicker development and greater user involvement than traditional methods. Raster graphics: Graphic objects composed of patterns of dots called pixels. Read-Only Memory (ROM): A non-volatile memory chip in which data are stored permanently and cannot be altered by the programmer. Real-time operating system: An operating system that is designed to handle the processing requirements of real-time systems. Real-time system: A system that must satisfy the requirement of producing the desired results before a certain deadline. Record: A collection of related items of data treated as a unit. Record length: A measure of the size of a record, usually specified in units such as characters. Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) architecture: An arc...
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